Cleaning products

Buzzy cleaning products ensure that the cleanliness in your home will be maintained for a long time after use. You no longer have to use specialized chemicals or tools – our products will completely change the way you clean your home. In our offer you will find wet wipes, active foams, soap pads, sink unblocker microfibre cloths and magic sponge.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths clean and polish surfaces in your home without leaving streaks. They can be used with or without cleaning agents. They perfectly remove dust and all other dirt. Packaging contains 3 cloths – for cleaning kitchen, glass and mirrors and one for multi purpose.

The offer includes:
Microfibre cloths 3 pcs

Magic Sponge

Like an eraser, the sponge removes traces of crayons and markers from the walls. Used only with water, it helps to remove stubborn dirt from the surface of floors, doors, tiles, sinks, bath tubs, and oven glasses!

The offer includes:
Magic sponge 4 pcs

Sink&Drain Unblocker

Sink & drain unblocker dissolves kitchen waste, grease, hair, paper, cotton wool. It perfectly unclogs drains, it is safe for pipes and it eliminates bad odours.

The offer includes:
Sink&Drain Unblocker 380 g

Soap Pads

Pads are perfect for removing difficult dirt from different surfaces. Product is made of very thin steel fibers that thoroughly clean and polish dirty surfaces. In addition, they are soaked with soap which makes cleaning even more effective.

The offer includes:
Soap Pads 10 pcs

Wet wipes

Wet wipes designed for cleaning and protecting wood and leather furniture. The innovative formula enriched with nutrient oil, leaves furniture shine, renew and refresh. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product may slightly vary.

The offer includes:
Wet wipes Windows&Glass 30 pcs
Wet wipes Laminate&Wood 48 pcs
Wet wipes Bathroom 48 pcs
Wet wipes Kitchen 48 pcs
Wet Wipes universal 48 pcs