Laundry detergents

There are all sorts of options when it comes to Buzzy laundry detergent choices. Our washing products are manufactured in powder, liquid and capsules form. They are suitable for different kinds of fabrics. Buzzy washing detergents perfectly remove spills like oils, makeup and starches from your clothes. What makes Buzzy different from other products is the original and wonderful fragrance that you enjoy each time when you put on your clothes.

Washing powders

A unique products for washing from Buzzy. Washing powders Universal and Color, thanks to its innovative and strong formula enriched with Marseille soap makes washed clothes perfectly clean and pleasant to the touch. The products also leave a very delicate and pleasant fragrance.

The offer includes:
Washing powder Universal 3,3 kg – 60 washes
Washing powder Color 3,3 kg – 60 washes

Washing gels

Exeptional washing gels from Buzzy. Thanks to their innovative recipe, both products Universal and Color perfectly clean and protect clothes. Dissolves rapidly even in a quick wash and leave a very delicate and pleasant fragrance. The capacity of 3,08 l gives 56 washes.

The offer includes:
Washing gel Universal 1,54 L – 28 washes
Washing gel Color 1,54 L – 28 washes
Washing gel Universal 3,08 L – 56 washes
Washing gel Color 3,08 L – 56 washes

Washing capsules

Great, duo-capsules for washing all kinds of fabrics! Thanks to super concentrated formula, closed in those double capsules, our both product for universal and colored laundry removes difficult dirt and stains even in low temperatures. Product is based on 3 enzyme system, that improves the washing performance. This is perfect and handy solution which makes dosing problem dissapear! Just put one capsule inside the washing machine and that’s it! The packages contain 24 capsules.

The offer includes:
Washing capsules Universal 24 pcs
Washing capsules Color 24 pcs