paw patrol bath cosmetics for kids

New line of cosmetics for children with favourite cartoon characters. The offer includes favourite foaming bath powders, fizzy balls, modelling clay and jelly for the bath and water colouring tablets. The products are vegan, dermatologically tested and available in several variants of juicy fruit fragrances.

Foam makers caps

A capsule to dissolve in water with magic foaming powder. When dropped into the bath, the forced movement of the water during bath preparation will ensure that the powder dissolves evenly and thoroughly throughout the water.

The offer includes:
Foaming bath powder in doypack
6×18 g – 108 g

Colour bath tabs

Water colouring tablets. With natural grape seed and avocado oils. You can use one or combine two tablets to get a different colour.

The offer includes:
Colouring tablets in doypack
9×16 g – 144 g

Bath bombs

Fizzy bath balls for children which, when thrown into the bath, colour the water in a chosen colour and release a sweet, fruity scent. Contains natural grape seed and avocado oils. Vegan. Dermatologically tested.

The offer includes:
Bath balls in a cardboard box 1×165 g
Bath balls in a doypack 5×50 g – 250 g

Soap dough

Flexible soap with fruity fragrance, which can be kneaded and shaped like modelling clay, and foams like regular soap when in contact with water.

The offer includes:
Modelling clay for the bath 1×100 g

Jelly bath

A bath jelly with a fruity fragrance which releases foam when soaked in water. An original alternative to traditional soaps.

The offer includes:
Bath jelly 1×100 g

Wet wipes face and hands

Wet wipes for cleansing the skin of children’s and babies’ faces and hands. The formula of the liquid is suitable for sensitive skin, enriched with aloe vera extract, leaves a protective film on the skin protecting it against irritation and dryness. Delicate strawberry fragrance.

The offer includes:
Wet wipes in a pack containing 15 pcs

Bath foam

Magic bath foam gently cleanses and nurtures the skin. Extremely light, fluffy formula perfectly foams and rinses easily. The sweet fruity smell and the favourite characters encourage children to take baths and have fun. It does not disturb the natural pH or dry out the skin. Can be used daily. Dermatologically tested.

The offer includes:
Bath foam 200 ml


Biodegradable handkerchiefs made of 100% cellulose. Very durable – 3 layers.

The offer includes:
Tissue 60 pcs